jackson's buddy THOR

you know you have had some sort of impact on your child's awareness of health when he pauses while we are getting slurpees and says that he doesn't want to have too much sugar, small muscles and stay short.  so when i told him we have sugar, sweets, meats and other fatty/non-healthy foods -- and that they don't allow us to grow properly or strong, he took it farther than expected. 
we filled it up half way since circle k's options are THAT BIG. 

my friend amy and i had planned for our boys to meet.
on the drive to them i say, 
"jack, you get to meet a new friend today.  his name is THOR!"
his first response is, "am i playing with thor or playing thor?"
oh my, did i laugh.  couldn't have been a wittier response.
thor was equally excited to meet jack.
they hit it off right away.
thor has 5 sisters so for him to get to hang out with another boy his age was the best.
they both like the HULK.
thor also likes THOR.

i took thor off of amy's hands for a lot of the day so we went on an adventure.
we forgot sunscreen so we had to go to the store.
at the store we realized the need (want) for hot wheel cars.
i got them each a car.
we walked past wells fargo at the store, so they had to have a dum dum with their car,
so we asked the teller if we could have a dum dum.
a car wouldn't be complete without matching hot wheels shorts,
 so i found them on sale, and bought them little matching shorts.
we stopped by desert book on our way to the beach to get 
some CTR rings and church games for sunday.

red tide season wouldn't be complete without a little jelly fish.
this little boy we came across was collecting dead ones.
well, at least that's what he told us.
#doessheknowwhatyouaredoing ?

they had a fabulously wonderful time and now have surfed together two more times since this playdate.
jack sure has so many great friends here and i couldn't be more grateful for the amazing parents that raise them to be good kids.

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