tandem surfing with mom!

jack and i went to the beach together.
just the two of us to surf on two separate boards and then just one!
people were clapping for him on the shore every time he stood up with or without me.
it was such a fun, fun, fun day!
we were all smiles!

golden spoon date after!
we tried to eat that much yogurt but couldn't :)
we are both allergic to milk so we took our lactose pills!

3 lovely notes:

Smykolandia said...

I am jealous when I am watching your photos. Wheater. In Poland autumn is coming. How do you find so much time for Jack? You are working mom....

likeschocolate said...

Every time I visit your blog it makes me miss California. I miss having the beach do close. Jack is getting so big. Our you getting teary eyed that he will be starting kindergarten??

Kevin Zacher said...


I am a photographer looking for a Mom who can tandem surf with her child. It is a paid shoot later this month for Hyundai.

my web site is WWW.KEVINZACHER.COM

Have a look, and if interested please reach out to me. kevin@kevinzacher.com

Thanks so much


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