just you and me babe

a whole weekend together
is what we had this third weekend of august.  
just me and jack.  
we had such a great time.  
i value our time together and hope someday he can look back at his 
childhood and remember our times together.  

we spent most of the day at the pool and playing and then hit the town at the 
dollar movies because we didn't get to see Madagascar 3 yet.
i don't remember much time watching that movie where we both weren't laughing.
can't wait to see it again.

we then walked to yogurt land in japan land in irvine.  
we love our frozen yogurt, maybe a little too much!
i made sure jack didn't have sweets until this special night.

we test as many as possible.
and yes, he did not recycle those 3-D's.

gluten free?
yes please.

there is a lake right outside so we looked for fish and people watched with our mochi toppings.

::: sunday :::

he spent a good 5 minutes getting ready for church --- perfecting his hair. 
what a stud, i must say.  
i love how he has to go to church in a tie.  
a leather tie.

jack and calli!  
they are buds.
we love his primary teacher.  
she adores jack to pieces and calls me often to tell me.
we are really blessed to have her as his teacher.

such a great weekend baby boo!

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