date day with J A C K

i recently read an article about how parents need to spend more QUALITY TIME rather than QUANTITY TIME.  i wanted to marry those two ideas and spend them both with my special little bruiser.  so we did just that.

laguna beach has by far my favorite item of food.  
active culture has this bowl called the whole bowl. if you haven't tried it, you are missing out on some good food.  
they also conveniently have healthy frozen yogurt there. 
same thing every time. 
mangoes, greek euro, blueberries and almonds.
we looked at the local gardens because we both enjoy gardening.
he cracked up about these waters.
he said "how did i get on the water bottle?"
jack has been going through a lot lately and needed to get a big smile on his face.
so the mall had dollar movies, this life size jumper (like the ones you use to put in the door sills for babies), 
met some floating dogs, 
indulged in some gluten-free see's samples,
tried to figure out chess, life size.
found out we don't know how to play.

all the way to coming home to play floor board games until bedtime.  

it was a day and night well spent.
sure do love this time with jackson.
he amazes me daily by how he just gets life in his young age.
i'm so grateful for him.

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