beach days with brady!

we love it when brady comes to the beach with us. 
he has had so many days off with his summer holiday and his nice new rotation at the hospital.
we absorb every moment we have with him.

this day he helped me burry jack into a hole
that soon turned into a racecar.
jack was stoked to see what a hole turned into.
good thing brady is skilled because if i did this on my own, it would look very plain and uncarrish :)

another day with brady was spent surfing.  i didn't get a chance to get too many pictures from this day as my phone battery died but here are a few.
it was a gorgeous day.
brady has really picked up on surfing and we love it!

we spent the rest of the day at the private pool my parent's have at their community.
jack is showing off his towel drying trick brady taught him.

this was one our favorite days.
the weather was so warm and our idea to go to the beach was spontaneous.
the boys were out in the water and saw a bunch of leopard sharks.
naturally jack had to get out of the water to see them.

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