26 Good Deeds

Ann Curry came out with an inspiring act of kindness to help us remember the 26 people who were killed during the shooting at Sandy Hook, Ct.  Brady mentioned that he heard about it on the radio on the way home from work, so I looked it up here and found this something we wanted to try to do this new year.  We haven't set a limit of time or even a limit of good deeds but we have made a very small list so far of things we have wanted to do for others so far.

i don't have a lot of free time right now to write out everything i want to but i wanted to write something.

some ideas to help your own list could be:
- put quarters in someone's meter if they may be running out soon.
- when i lived in SF i would keep cuties in my purse to hand out to a homeless person if they needed something.
- clean someone's kitchen or area when they need extra help
- ding-dong ditch a door with baked bread or a note just to tell them they are so great.
- visit the elderly.

one of my friends set up a donation website for a person in need.  she and my other friend are amazing by donating their time, talents and supplies to help out a friend in need.  their site is here.

if you have any other ideas of how we can help those in need, do them when you get the itch.  it's one of my favorite things to do.  it always comes back 10 fold.

1 lovely notes:

McCallProbert said...

I don't know you & don't know how I stumbled along your blog but, it was exactly what I needed today. I seriouslydon't know even how 2 explain exactly what I was needing quite yet cuz I've been struggling for the last month since my bff died in a rollover car accident leaving 3 children; 9, 5 & 5 months. This post is only 1 of a few I read of yours & was just soooo touched. I NEVER comment on blogs even my friends or my own(not updated lately), but, I just needed u2 know I'm passing ur links along with adding ur blog 2 my fav's 2 read. I hope I've not completely scared u away since I'm just a stranger but, u truly helped me tonight & I'd like 2 thank you!


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