letting the good times roll with JACKSTERS

this past week has been so rainy.
we love it!
every night it has been fun to tuck jackson into his bed where he has four blankets covering him with the window close by to hear the water trickle down the side of the house.

when i brought him to school, he told me he wanted a new umbrella. he said no one in first grade think a frog or turtle umbrella is very cool anymore.
i told him he looked super handsome and cool with a frog umbrella that no one else is lucky enough to have like him!  not sure if he believed me but he sweat out a whole day of school with it.
what a stinkin' adorable sport he was.

i asked him to sing me "singing in the rain"
so he nonchalantly did so since we were pretty early, no one was close by...

no ankle clipping jumps, but the cutest little voice holding an "uncool frog umbrella"

jackson is singing to his cousin Finn... making him laugh. 
elise and i both got a video of it. 
we all tried to make Finn laugh but jack was the only successful one!

our at least weekly family dinners sometimes are followed by speed scrabble and jackson babble.
both are entertaining and fun.
this is how jackson sometimes decides his pajamas will look like; no shirt.
he is eating a pear with peaches in a bowl.

brady and i were able to take jack to breakfast before school which was memorable.
jack sang us christmas songs whilst decorating his pancake in hopes to get macaroni and cheese if he could finish his pancake.  let's just say he finished 1/4 of the pancake, a lot of fruit and unsuccessful in the macaroni for breakfast.

love my little man!

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