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as a parent, it's our job to protect, love, cherish, listen, learn, hug, kiss, give, trust but most especially we need to teach our children as many things possible to help their future self become a good member of society.

i grew up having my dad give us quotes all the time in notes, letters, emails - almost daily so it is a part of my daily progression process to lean on words for knowledge.  the times i am asked to be the guest speaker at an event or teach a lesson, i look through my large stack of quotes to form a foundation.  90% of the time it guides me the right direction to what i should say.

when i asked jackson how his day was, he told me at recess him and his best friend ryan went around the playground to help those that were hurt.  they were monitoring the area for those kids that would fall, get an "owie" and any cries.  he said they felt like supermen helping others when the teachers were too slow to help them get back up or get a bandaid.  those moments are some i never want to forget... they are moments you realize all of your constant teachings you try to imprint in your child's character are actually working.  never have i told him these direct words, help a person if they get hurt or fall but i think he is getting it by seeing how i react if he gets hurt or any person in need.

as a small baby i would walk jackson around in a stroller in the city & bring food that was a few days from expiring and give it to the homeless if we were walking past one.  when we have seen families on the side of the street with a sign saying "hungry" or what have you, he has helped me gather money out of my wallet or snacks we have in the car, to give to them.  i have tried to teach him about the law of sacrifice and tithing like my father taught me at a young age.  when someone is in need, i assume jackson has watched me help them.  i have told jackson about the trips i have made to mexico's orphanages to help children in need.  jackson has seen me gather our clothes that we don't need to bring to homeless shelters.  i have told jackson about some classes i have taken in the medical field and also what brady does which is helping those in need, so that possibly could be another reason.  we have also had a dog that adores jackson.  the dog is now 8, so jackson has known her since he was 2.  charlee comes into his room every morning to see if he is awake.  jackson takes care of charlee as well as my sister's dog when we are around them by feeding them, walking them, playing with them and hugging them.  i am not quite sure if it has been by example or just his true, core nature given to him to want to nurture, care and give, but i am truly grateful for this asset he has been given.

below, i have these sayings that i constantly try to teach jack everyday.

i am planning on getting these printables all blown-up, framed and hung on just a wall in his room.  we shall call it, the wall of enlightenment!



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