family time

something is unlike the other here...
brady took us to the grove.
gap had peter the rabbit visiting the kids, a little band and 
fun things all around the farmers market.
visiting the grove is fun for us.

we were waiting for brady for a moment we were 
able to play next to the mannequins.

brady also surprised jackson by taking him to DYLANS candy store.
he is in this phase of growing up which also means taking pictures sometimes isn't super cool.
but i tried my best to get a smile on his face!

we thought it was pretty cool to find matching turtle gummies!

despite his face telling one story,
his excitement inside was another story.
to me he is still that little baby who i hung out with 24/7 but yet he is not... only a growing child, who is more than half my height.

brady took us out to thai food in venice which was pretty good. we have gotten it to go but this time we sat inside.  jack ventured out to try his first yellow curry.

the next day...

we were able to play the memory game all three of us made up throughout the years.
we add a few new pictures when we play.
we introduced it to my family... all 68 matches.
my dad, brother blake and jack all measured themselves.
blake is 5'11
jack is 4 feet and 1/4 
we were also able to play many rounds of twister.
jack called this "a great family night!"

1 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

Jackson is really tall! I so know that stage of not wanting photo taken or making goofy faces. Have a great weekend!


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