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being able to have a job that allows me to be home when jackson gets home from school couldn't be more ideal.  i love being there when he walks through the door and then runs up to me as fast as he can, to jump on me.  sometimes he will hide behind one of the pillars or under a chair so i have to find him, but either way it's a thrill to see him!  there are just very few times i have had to work past his school hour and he begins to count down the minutes until i told him i would be back. he adds up the minutes i went over, reports them to me and asks me, "mom, did you do a cut or color and cut at work today?"  

one day we were able to make a light show.
not just a typical light show, but one that is narrated by a six-year-old, 
has every light found in his room turned on, during the day.
some lights needed buttons pressed but nonetheless, it was a show!
jackson was the cutest!  i video taped the whole thing.
he is such the not-shy type. 

jackson's little mini water turtles are still alive and well.
with that said, we just found out that they can survive outside of water and they DANCE!
my little brother needed to take some pictures for his high school photo class of a pet so jack let him take them of his turtles.
we found out Carter and Dillon (named after his friends from school)
enjoy country music! they dance!
we wash our hands constantly and scrub the table well.

one almost evening, i told jackson he could use his christmas money to get whatever he wanted.
still, pokemon takes a majority of the space of his wanting heart.
the moment we walk into the new target less than a mile from our house, 
jackson darts to the pokemon isle.
this time he laid them all out on the floor to show me the ones he has interest in, allowing me to help him make the final decision through the great process of elimination. 
somehow i was able to direct him towards the less popular toy isle (to jackson)
where he found some new found joys.
remote controlled motorcycle (on sale - yay!)
and a skylander figurine...
oh a child who is wanting his picture taken.
while at target, i grabbed him some sleeping underpants.
his pediatrician says it's normal until age 7. 
i hope he is able to either stop this habit or the controlled liquids before bed works.
i sure enjoy our time together.
he is one super swell little boy!

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