happy boy!

jack keeps growing so quickly!
he needs a new pair of pants every month at least.
he is wearing size 6-8 in most of his clothes.
i did a little bribery for him to show off his new outfit that he is loving...
the bribe, i would razor outside with him instead of biking or just watching him.
win, win.

my mom's instagrams of jackson!
his latest thing:
no shirt to bed. no matter what.
i pile on blankets on him just so he doesn't get a chill.

my friend Jessica and I took our boys to play at the mall.
she got them jamba juice smoothies,
and i got them a little see's.
we got them some clothes on sale
and then flew jackson's helicopter for hours!

he still loves to find a spot to hide

dancin' away!

hahaha! i love this little guy!

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