New Years Break

this past new years was a lot of fun!  
brady and i drove up to arizona where his family on new years eve.
we love his family and to visit them is such a treat.

here are just a few highlights from our new years week trip:

- i got to facetime with jack while he was over at his step-mom's parents home.
he sang me songs, pretended to be a big blue bean, did funny voices and showed me rover's mom.
he counted down the amount of days until we were together.
he told me his missed me so much and of course we told our love-yous the best way we know how:
"i love you to the moon and back, Jack"
"i love you, mom, to the sun and back"
our drive toward arizona

we played minute-to-win-it games
brady went through the entire website, figured out how to play each game with all of the supplies for hours and then we played them all.  it was so much fun to see how many family and friends came to play with us.
(i don't have all pictures, these are just off my camera)

my sister-in-law linds gave all of us girls a "one line a day" book that we could start writing in.
i love this idea and it's been fun to keep consistent with.

one more brady woke me up very early to watch the sunrise with down by canyon lake.
he took lots of desert pictures despite how cold it was outside.

we did so much more, like lunch, movies, lots of games, sports outside.
love their family and spending time with them.

our drive back to LA was beautiful.
i was so giddy as we were so close to picking jackson up from LAX.

straight from the car ride, we got there so early to pick up jackson.
he ran up and tackled me.
13 days of not being with him was hard.  he told me how much he missed me and how that 13 days was too long to be away from me.  

he was pretty tired so he seemed melancholy.
sure was the best to take him home.

my sister elise and drew blessed baby finn!
we went to the blessing and then we all had to split from there to do our separate things to conclude the christmas break.

our family all together to celebrate finn!

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