chuck e cheeeeese

earlier this week i had planned to take jackson to chuck-e-cheese
but he was lucky enough to have his dad and step-mom take him tuesday night!
so i kept my promise and took him and some of his good friends from his preschool (4 year old class) and his kindergarten class.
we get these boys together at least once or twice a week 
and when they are all put together, they laugh the entire time.

james' mom told me on the drive over, "i bet jack's mom has something really cool planned for us."
and then nicole passed on to me that he also said, "jack must have such a fun life!"
james is sweet.. he is one of 5 kids and i have watched them all since i was in middle school so when i come over, i also bring crafts and big fun plans.

jack was pretty stoked to have his buddies come fly his helicopter and play at his favorite place!

i gave each boy 5 tokens to start with
then they would come ask for more...
pretty soon they each found my stash of tokens and helped their selves.
jack is clearly into these ID cards :)

we skee balled...

we basketballed...

i fed them pizza and waters
we chatted...

notice the two boys missing shoes?  they would play a game and then climb up the playground, down the slide, then repeat.
oh and they weren't too thrilled to take a picture with chuck-e-cheese... but they humored me.
we played this big ticket game...
last time we played this, i got 100 so i helped james count so it would land on a big one.
so cute!

when the tokens ran out, we went over to count the tickets.
jackson and james had around 130 each.
will had only 38 and forgot to press the "reciept" button so he lost them.
i ran over to the "100 ticket machine" and won some more for will.
i had it eat 40 tickets and then the rest i was going to figure it out.
jackson thought they were his since i am his mom, so i gave him a decision to make all on his own,
he saw that will couldn't get the rocket launcher, so he turned in some of his extra and the 60 i won, and gave the rocket launcher to his friend will with a high five on the side!
i thought to myself, this kid pays attention.  all of this work on teaching him his magic words and the golden rule are manifesting themselves.  
will's face lit up and he thanked jackson over and over.
so i had three boys all shooting their rocket launchers, happy and full of energy.
being a mom is the coolest.

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