weekend fun!

the boys played pokemon on the sidewalk.
one of their favorite things to do.
they talk about each card's strength and weaknesses.

i went on a pretty run on saturday.
so nice to get outside and soak in vitamin D.

we love going to this park in dana point.
it's where my birthday parties were growing up and also a place where we have been taking jackson for many years now.
we played bocce ball, soccer, frisbee and jack razored around us.
brady has been spending a lot of time teaching jackson soccer each week. 
jack is getting so good now!

we played some go-fish too!

we played pictionary.
this is jack drawing jack.

you know jack isn't into pictures too much now, right?
well we dug a hole and he was covered in sand, he couldn't get out.
i took my opportunity to take a picture with my stud muffin.

love this guy!
he was so sweet all weekend and played bocce ball even though i'm not very good.

elise is super cute being a mom.
finn rolled this day!
jack loves having a baby around.

my little munchkin loves fruit!
especially when i cut him a mango like this!

brady helped jackson make a rocket for his science fair
we are testing it out!
it worked!

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meredith c. said...

oh what fun you have with the men in your life!


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