jack update!

jack is almost 5!
loving spagetti still.
realizes that tea parties are just for girls... dang.
jack needs siblings.
speed swimmer.
i'm THAT mom that corrects other kids when they use potty words.
dives under the waves.
signing him up for kindergarden next week.
he runs from me when i try to put sunscreen on him.
chooses cereal over most food.
we love where we live.
we spend a lot of quality and quantity time together.
goes through a box of gogurts a week.
we now read books with flashlights.
he is wearing size six 6-7 and 12.5 shoes!
he loves his captain america toothbrush.
he talks to me all day and night and tells me how chatty he can get.
he acts like a mature adult 90% and the 10% are his 4-yr-old meltdowns that remind me of his age.
he says "pardon me" when he needs to excuse himself! ... i know i die a little every time.
always easy going with my busy schedule.
loves his friends and thinks of them before himself.
changes his outfits at least three times a day.
tells me he will only give me a hug and kiss in the morning if my hair isn't "all crazy"
still says the sweetest and most thoughtful prayers at night.

i love my little monkey more and more each day.  
my one-of-a-kind jack.

1 lovely notes:

jaybs said...

May sound stupid but my eyes fill up each time I read the Jack updates, with Joy! he is such a little Cutie and what a GIFT!


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