napkin flowers

my cute friend joilene who lives in palo alto, calif., decorates her house perfectly. she taught me last time how she makes these napkin flowers she displays in her kitchen and from the ceiling in the study.

here is what i took from her quick lesson:
1. buy a few packs of IKEA napkins because of their size, their bright color and their price for the quantity you get.

2. stack four napkins and then fold them like you would a paper fan.
3. put wire or something to hold them together, then string to attach to the middle.

4. cut the ends however you want to have the edges look (curvy, more triangled, etc)...

5. fan those babies out.

she adds tissue paper on the inside of the flowers sometimes and changes the colors of these flowers around her kitchen for holidays.

i'm probably months or even years behind describing this but i just thought this was so cheap, easy and fun to make; i wanted to pass it on.

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