4th of july

this post may be a week late, but the memories of the day are unforgettable.

jackson and i stayed home in the morning. i made pancakes for some of the neighborhood boys (the ritz carlton pancake recipe i have memorized - it is so easy) then we decorated his razor red, white and blue for the neighborhood party.
the best morning to sport this combo and get away with it.

later we drove to los angeles to meet brady.
i got us matching "america" shirts and liberty hats as a joke, but they had their use.

we swam in the warm water, played catch, chased birds, ate reeses pieces, watched jackson dive under the waves until sunset, played frisbee, soccer in the water... it was a great day.
brady BBQ'ed for us the most amazing piece of meat. i'm not a huge meat eater still, since my switchover but this meat was incredible.

once the sun went down, we had the chance to snuggle up to two fireworks shows above us from both sides of redondo beach.
our towel neighbors gave jack a sparkler and entertained the people around us, that they gave him two more. something about brady's suggestion of doing the irish jig whilst holding that sparkly stick, turned jack into performance mode. it was so funny to watch!
the night turned out to be more than we
expected and a great way to celebrate our country!

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