[2 WEEKS AGO} off pch

a few weeks ago brady and i had a few days to try new beaches and areas
off of PCH towards his house.

he had just returned from samoa from being in hawaii previous, so he was missed.

brady put together the greatest picnic for us after i took him to trader joes for his first time. something about taking people there for their firsts that gives me butterflies.
'oh you want to know where to find the chips and salsa?
i'll show you exactly where.'
...'samples, they are over here....' 'let me show you the small chocolate + peanut butter cups."

we tried to get into private beaches there... but $25 to park just wasn't our thang. so we went to a fun one close to the private ones.
we hiked to the farthest hill we could find to get the best views.

one of the nights we walked around the fun streets of santa monica looking for something to eat and came upon a yellow spunky pizza place called "wildflour." brady was so sweet and ordered a gluten-free pizza to share. such a babe.

isn't he dreamy? i'm allowed to say that on here right?

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