this guy's birthday

this last week was brady's birthday!
a few weeks ago we celebrated it since we knew his birthday week we were going to be busy.
so i set up a bunch of surprises for the day!

first we saw the state park cabrillo where we saw a lighthouse that led the ww2 subs and ships in. 
we drove down to the tidepools and walked around for a bit.

then we went to hotel del's packed beach for a little nap, some relaxing and smashball!
after i brought some canvases for us to both pencil in our view and then paint - then give to each other.
we had only 10 minutes but this is what we are sketching:

soon after we walked to the dock, where we took a little boat out inside coronado.
you guys, this was the best way to see san diego!

we had dinner in little italy at mona lisa and then ran over to extraordinary desserts in downtown.
i had plans to take the kayak out on mission bay for the saturday night fireworks but our day was too packed.  it has been rainchecked :)

we had so much fun! 
 i felt lucky to have the whole day to celebrate his birthday with him!

on his actual birthday, he was in hospital helping patients in los angeles and i was
 100 miles south testing out a salon in san diego.
so, i stuck a candle in a snickers and celebrated!

happy, happy birthday lovely!

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