wahooo its the weekend

{picture found here}
this weekend will be it's usual busy but hopefully some time to relax somewhere outside. then off to san francisco!

here are some links:

-my sister is uber creative and made a bunch of these for our family + friends. now she sells 'em!
Book Wreath MEDIUM

- how could you not be super happy with these socks?

 anyone else loving hot pink being in?

- totally doing this with jack when i see him sunday night!
061311 pencilstamp62 Busy Toddler Activity of the Week: Pencil Stamps
-this little box of fun things makes me want to sail.
-these summer crostinis' would make a perfect appetizer.

Yok_kam_clo_4_large-if you have ever wondered how to make a cloud balloon, stop wondering.

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