almost fall masque

yeah, so my friend told me take a can of pumpkin and smear it all on my face for all these good reasons she listed.

i had her on video chat with me... here's how it went...
clean your face, take a spatula, scoop away that slimy canned root.

pretty soon, it fell down my shirt, all over my lap - ya know, all clumpy and such.
i tried to be a lady about it with some grace but that seemed impossible.
she was pretty sure it wasn't suppose to look like this.
...but how much fun it was!
if you want to try it, i suggest laying down whilst putting on + then sprinkle some nutmeg and cinnamon.

3 lovely notes:

Skye said...

so funny and some seriously adorable pictures!

McLove said...

That is hilarious!

McCall said...

You are soo funny. Didn't we do some things like that when you lived with me? Maybe I am imagining - or maybe not - I know we did lots of microderm, waxing, and bang/hair cuts. Ha ha. LOVE IT!


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