capeners are back!

elise and drew moved here a few months ago
{yes i am months behind}
and it has been such a treat.

since drew was touring overseas in singapore and bali, they had their house in storage so we helped them 
move into their new townhouse.

most the family was able to help... 
except jack stayed busy razoring around uhaul...
eating his lunch while watching us...
sitting on the dollies...
riding some more...
sitting in the truck to take  a rest...
then when we got there he needed to take a load off with a nice cold IBC.

 the other day brady, jack and i went with them to 
three arch bay in laguna beach.

its so nice to have a celiac sister around to eat like me, 
complain with me when our tummies hurt,
have a buddy to be naive with when we don't know what things are,
bake with,
decorate with,
get summer freckles with like old times.

we love having them here!  

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