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i have a good hunch this weekend is going to be great. i have a surprise to look forward to! it's eating me up to know what it is. also, i have been helping my friend plan her wedding in a few weeks, so i have some extra links for those of you getting married soon.

hope you all have a great one!

xx mL

i have attached a link to this video before, but this gets me teared up every time. my friend tracey had her baby penny while her husband was at war. you will love this.

hoping this local island nights will help me cope with how much i'm missing hawaii?

sports fan or movie fan, or just a fan of something, this NFL field of dreams clip was pretty entertaining.

if you like to decorate for parties like i oddly enjoy, these balloons will make you get goosebumps.

so this tokoyo based photographer Natsumi Hayashi takes self portraits of making flying look easy! i love it! i love anything japanese but this one tops them all.

i totally fancy once pieces despite how long my torso is or how "in" bikini's may think they are in. i love this collection!

finally. a blog for grooms... that their future wives will ask them to read.

birds + mason jars make these.

i have to admit, i have a thing for vintage molecular atomic models.

i talk to women all day about menopause. i don't want it early.

love pretzels? then you will dig this lady's editorial on how to roll the dough, twist it and make yourself look like you should work for wetzel pretzels.

if you are registering for wedding gifts, you NEED this popcicle maker. for you and your kids sake.

make forts with your kids as much as i do? etsy outdid potterybarn in my opinion here.

oh boy, if you like to make things on your own, you like the beach or the look of wood that should be on a dock, then you for sure would love this DIY headboard. i would make this in a heartbeat if i needed one.

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