i love the things jack says.
for example:
he was going to the beach with my mom the other day and they were buckling.  he told my mom he was all buckled and she said, "jack, you are choosing the right." 
his response: "sometimes i choose the left." 
he probably doesn't know what he says is funny.

last night we were saying our prayers and during his prayer he blessed all the people who live in bushes that they will find a warm tent to sleep under and the people who don't have water bottles that they will find water to drink.

he tells me daily that he doesn't learn much at his school.  he says he is bored because he wants to learn more.  so after martin luther king jr. school day {tuesday} he says to me:
" mom, i finally learned something. i already knew white people weren't nice to black people a long time ago but i didn't know the lady wasn't allowed to sit in the front of the bus. her name was rosa parks and she was arrested. so glad i learned something today. we should always let the black people sit anywhere on the buses."

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Skye said...

he is a doll! my most favorite from this post is his prayer. i simply can't wait for moments like that with my little girl...makes me smile so much!


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