J A C K - 5 years 5 months

"shock me shock me shock me with that devient behavior." 
~ empire records

jackson has been up to all good.  i think time has been put on fast-pace for how quickly he keeps growing but since there is no "freeze" in life, i'll just have to be okay with him growing up, doing what five-year-olds do.

daily, he will ask me, "how many days until my birthday mom?" brady has been able to get it down to the day within seconds but i have to whip out my calculator.  he is five and five months but has been telling the kids he is five-and-a-half since a month after he turned five.  here is a brief synopsis of what's been going on with him as of late....

that too expensive of race car i bought him years ago that broke down after 20 minutes, finally got fixed at disneyland last week.  i didn't know that 6 batteries only last 20 minutes.  so i bought a rechargeable battery so he can at least get an hour use per day.  he took it in my parent's dining room and found that carpet makes it more fun to steer. 

he is now officially in karate.  no complaints here from a teacher who wants to ingrain discipline, fitness and self-defense.  he loved his first lesson and thinks his next belt is black.  

he is now in the morning class for kindergarten.  he is no morning person.  waking him up at 6:45am is fun and brings the creative side out of me.  i've tried everything from kissing his face multiple times, singing to wake him, snapping, clapping, zerberting his cheeks, asking him, tickling him, taking off his covers quickly... so far my methods have caused him to ignore me and cuddle up closer to his pillow and neglect the time. i watch him walk into his school every morning and MAYBE i still get emotional thinking he is getting so big.  i know, i need to let it go but it's not so easy. 

when i dropped jackson off at the airport the other night for him to see his dad, this was the sunset that greeted me when i came out of the airport.  he is getting better and better with flying by himself.  he is so independent and loves ordering his own soda on the plane.

one more fun fact of lately, he has this one white shirt i gave him that he won't wear until we "decorate it."  i told him let's look up images on my phone and he can save them to look at together so we can decide what to put on his shirt.  here are some of the gems he picked out!  i couldn't stop laughing!  of course i typed in dog and cat.  he has a fun personality.  

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