happy place

have you ever heard that quote...

"good moms have sticky floors, messy kitchens, laundry piles, dirty ovens and happy kids."

maybe this monday i didn't have sticky floors or a messy kitchen but i did leave the house with a large laundry pile and i'm pretty sure i haven't cleaned the oven in ages. my first priority as a mother is to have this little guy happy so the second he was finished with school, i dropped all my to-do-lists that didn't have his name in it, and we drove up towards disneyland. he spilled on his clothes so we stopped by the little mall next to the park. his favorite thing to do is to hide from me when we go into a store; however, this is my least favorite. i'm getting quicker though. it only took me 15 seconds to find him this time here.

he saw this maniquien and told me i looked like her and that i should get a pretty dress like her for when i go on dates at night. haha. such a funny kid. yeah right.
we went to downtown disney to fix his car and then played!
we met up with three sets of friends. we had our traditional dole ice cream that we share and stopped by the castle to make our traditional wishes. so cheesy, i know... someday jack will look back and think he had such a cheese ball mom but i'm okay with that. i just want him to think that childhood is full of gumdrops, sparkles, magic and as much happiness he can handle. as we were making wishes, a few couples asked me to take their pictures and jack decided to pose like this in their background!! oh my. i told them he was in their picture and apologized if they won't be able to frame it because of my little man :)
jack rode indiana jones for his first time. it was hilarious to see his anticipation quickly diminish the second the jeep entered into the dark abyss. he put his koala beanie right over his eyes and pretended like he wasn't on the ride by not moving. my friend melanie and i were laughing so hard and couldn't take any pictures. he was squeezing my arm so tight.

our passes expire in a few weeks so hopefully we can go at least one more time. we love this place!

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