i love you.... THIIIIIISSSS MUCH

something i've asked jackson since he was tiny is how much he thinks i love him.
i'll say do you think i love you this much? and show my hands parallel to each other and not too much space between... or THIS MUCH and spread my arms apart as far as they can reach. he gets his smirky smile each time i do it and i love it.

so we made a little craft tonight so he will never forget. visual props, i say, make everything better.

1. get fun card stock paper of your choice.
2. trace your hands {right and left}
3. cut strips of paper and fold them back and forth like an accordion
4. tape the hands to the strips
5. write on one hand, "i love you" and the other "this much"

he thought it was so clever. it really took no time at all and was fun to make it with him!

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