{busy thursday}

thursday was a busy day.
i went to the temple and had a great time.
sprinkles is close by so i picked up a s'mores cupcake for my little boo, and picked him up from school.

  acknowledging it would be a busy day in the car and every place possible we could fit in those few hours, a reasonable
cupcake bribery was a good deal.   

  stop one: doctors
stop two: mall
stop three: karate

he is the child not wearing his outfit...
it was too big. 
he is pretty easy to pick out.


   at the end of every practice, they have to jump over the rope over and over until they cannot anymore.  he looked over at me and went for it; tongue sticking out and all!
this is my favorite shot 
of the night... i caught him wiping his nose on his sleeve. my little Poi. 

he ran up to the laundry room to shrink his "gee" with me.  he then sat in there to watch it shrink despite me telling him the hot water and bleach would take a while.  he was too excited to get it to fit.  

2 lovely notes:

Smykolandia said...

Mellisa I have found your blog accidentally.With great pleasure I read your posts. I admire your willigness to do so many things. I have son too. He is 5. We live in different part of the world - in Poland (Europe). Now we have winter (!!!). Oh you have summer. We envy so much. Kinga (ciszka77@gmail.com)

robyn said...

UM. have you tried the s'more cupcake???? it's to die for! and if jack gets an cutter i don't know what i'm going to do with myself.


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