sat ur day

saturday was a good, good day.
we made some chocolate gluten-free brownies and made messes (along with mustaches)
i was able to spend a lot of time with jack and one of my favorite moments was at the hot tub right before he went to bed.  he showed me his hand stands, we played rock-paper-scissors, we played guess-who, caught spa bubbles, counted the spa bubbles and then dipped in the cold pool.  i love how together, he and i can find fun in anything.  just love his little face!

 then i said good-bye to a good friend nephi...
this guy - 

he is heading to school soon so all of us close friends met for a going away party amanda threw for him.
he will be missed.
after snacking, taking polaroids for his book, saying our favorite stories and listening to rock band, we sat around in arches house.

 we sat around so much that i had an awesome knot in the back of my head.
it was good to say hi to friends and send nephi off.  he will be missed!

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