H + M buttoned-elbowed jacket

it's a new semester, it's time to grab some clothes.
jack didn't get one article of clothing wrapped this year from me, so i took him to get some new clothes before his first day back.

H+M is his favorite for clothing. their pants fit his long skinny legs perfectly and the shirts are fitted just right. he picked this outfit on his own... the shoes he picked i didn't get a picture of.

just like moms make their kids learn to tie their own shoes, i had him button his own jacket. i felt like five is a good age to teach him how to button his own pants and jackets now. hope i'm not introducing him to independence too early.

it was so cute when he asked me what the patches on the elbows were for.
i quickly replied with, "i'm pretty sure they are for when you give knuckles and elbows to grandpa."

he said, "oh, i thought it was for when i go skateboarding and fall."

i need a girl to dress up.

1 lovely notes:

robyn said...

so darling! ha ha oh melt my heart how cute is he? and when i grow up i want to be a mommy just like you.


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