m.L.k. day

to celebrate our day off on martin luther king jr. day 
one of the highlights is we got to see our favorite guy.
we all went to the grove in hollywood and had an italian dinner. sea-foam folding-chairs and all.
if you have been to the grove but never to the farmer's market, you may be missing out.
it is my favorite thing to do when at the grove.  
every type of food there is incredible.  
biggest piece of advice: bring cash.
atm fees are $$$ and most places only accept cash.

after dinner brady treated us to bennett's ice cream!
{photo from jack - i was mid-smile}
we shared their famous ice cream sundae and five cherries
and jackson enjoyed his bubblegum ice-cream cone.

he was a pretty happy camper.  he couldn't complain.

the trolley came around so we climbed to the top and snuggled up!
we didn't check the thermostat but pretty sure los angeles had invisible snow this night.  

we had a good monday, funday night. 
bear shirt, red pants, white socks, black shoes and all.

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McLove said...

Cute:) I love that farmers market. The Brazillian place is the best!


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