my child may have more miles than yours.

jack was with his dad for eight days.
words cannot describe how hard it can be to say goodbye to your best friend for that long.
it has been five years now that we have been doing this but it especially isn't easy around the holidays. i was so excited to see him... butterflies and all!
driving up to the airport, irvine gave me the prettiest sunset.
it felt like a school girl, all giddy.
time went so slow... those moments until i got to see him walk up the walkway from the plane!

he ran up to me and tackled me. i didn't want to make a scene, but boy, it felt right having him back. he and i hugged and he gave me a big kiss on my cheeks! the southwest flight attendant told me, "oh you guys are getting me all emotional. your boy jack was so sweet and quite charming! we enjoyed having him! he sure likes to talk." if i had a nickle for each flight attendant he's charmed, i'd have about $2.00 by now.

i am anti-sugar, yes, but i couldn't resist... his flight was delayed and i was too excited to see him. i treated him to two 5-year-old fist-fulls of cotton candy and 2012 glittery glasses! he held my hand the whole way back to the parking lot. i felt so lucky and grateful that he's still cool with holding his old mom's hand.
so happy to have him home.
me gusta jack.

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Amanda Castleberry Photography said...

ahh, the sweetest. He is so cute, and you are a great mom!


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