special february tumblr

february is really here. this may be one of my favorite months.
have i mentioned lately how blessed i am?
when you know the smartest, most sweetest, most sincere, most hard-working guy, most loving, most good-looking - ist guy, it can really make a girl feel real special. the kind of special to write home about. the same one that motivates you to believe you can do anything. it's that special you thought you felt when you first felt butterflies but take that feeling and throw in a home-run, a touch-down, a world-cup goal, and then times it by infinity. that is some kind of wonderful, let me tell you.
he is my shake to my bake and the blue in my sky.
:: happy love month xo ::

4 lovely notes:

Skye said...

you two are precious together! so happy that you are over the moon happy...it's a wonderful feeling.

Castleberry Photography said...

love these posts! how do you respond back to comments?? I saw that in my email and I had no idea how to write back!!

Smykolandia said...

How a nice post! I keep my fingers crossed for successful February!

michelle said...

this post made me happy.


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