"texas is big but san francisco is giant!" ...

- title was the subject header sent in a family email written to my texas resident rangers family from my SF 32-year-old-aunt trish. 
she has yet to receive a reply :)

this weekend was super fun.
the whole weekend was centered around watching the games.

thursday night started with watching the game with every other person on the plane headed to san francisco as the first game of the world series.  the pilot announced as we were flying over the stadium to look over as we were hovering, and then he flew over it again and again so we could have that once in a lifetime chance to experience it.  then my friend erin wrote about thursday night, as we listened to them win over the radio as we drove down to palo alto.
{this is the best shot i could get after trying to find my phone in my massive purse and trying to figure out how to turn it on}

the next day i was busy but got a break to go on one of the prettiest runs i've ever been on.  my cousin took me up to los altos to a trail i've never ran.  it goes through all these trees that reminded me of the east coast and then you are at this farm full of roaming goats, sheep and baby cows.  it was beautiful.

soon after, my friend nicole came over to get her hair done and celebrate. man is she is a beautiful person.  i recently met her a month or so ago and found out she is going through a divorce.  i did four different things to her hair which gave us a chance to catch up and have girl time.  we watched the giants get kicked by the rangers.  we dressed up and went out for a couple hours and then came home to fall asleep in our oversized giants shirts.

the next day, i took the train and BART to the city to watch the game with my friend from arizona who lives there now.  we are both irish so we were at an irish sports pub which made it much more fun than it could have been.  the giants won!  being in the city on halloween with all of the giants fans was the best.  honking orange and black cars, groups of people giving high fives... everywhere.

then.... the next day, i was a little bummed because my flight was leaving at 5ish from SFO, so right when the first pitch was happening.  the airport was an unusual empty but the bars and places where a flat screen were packed.  i found out our flight was delayed two and half hours.  that's a long time at night with a four-year-old who goes to sleep around seven thirty.

so we walked around the airport to get some of his energy out but sat down to see the full last five innings together over yogurt and granola next to dozens of other giants fans.... then watched as they took the world series.  everyone was hugging, jumping on each other.  if you weren't a baseball fan, you became one.  i loved it.  there was a surreal feeling at the airport that night.  everyone seemed united or happy or something of the sorts.

oh and one more thing, after the win, we had to wait a few more minutes to board. a cute tiny family had a 10-month baby that starred at jackson. so jack ran back and forth to him saying "hi cutie!" making the baby boy laugh, which in turn, made all the people sitting around us laugh and turn our heads to say, ahhhhh.... or you really should give him a sibling.  it was cute.  the parents thanked me for having jack entertain their son for five minutes.

i love airports. i love baseball. i love the giants.  i love san fran.  i love jack.  i love this post.  i love how cheesy this just got.

i am tired. goodnight.
i shouldn't type my thoughts this late at night.

1 lovely notes:

michelle said...

I love this post.
and I love the oh-so-cheesy-but-sweet-line
"if you weren't a baseball fan, you became one."


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