pictures by little jackman

{san fran window}
i have bene lagging on posting these, which means i have a plethora of pictures jackson has taken.  i went through them, and picked out the ones worth a mention.  i think he will keep this hobby of picture taking like his grandpa and aunt. 

{jackson's main room window}
{irvine park}
{on a plane, he's so fancy huh}
{his bunk bed * note the sticky thing on the ceiling? that's a super hero he threw up there, that i'm too short to reach}
{a new disneyland ride on a grey day}
{flying over the san mateo bridge}
{his best friend/cousin micah}
{on the BART in daly city}
{our silhouettes at fashion island}
{driving around town on one of our dates}
{we are getting hot chocolate}
{another BART ride. we look like we are going south, i believe :)}
{oh why, hello.  caught'cha man in the suburban} 
{post grocery shopping, at my finest}
{pedros tacos with grandpa}
{another flight}
{clashing flannels}
{the eel we visit every san francisco airport trip}
{our favorite place to eat, islands}
{micah wearing jack's shoe for our little outing...
apparently he does own another pair other than those plaid ones..}

1 lovely notes:

Sarah said...

I've missed you guys. It seems you and Jackson are always traveling.


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