thanksgiving dinner table decor

november is one of my favorite months for many reasons.
one being it is a month to reflect on the many blessings you have and a chance to show your gratitude for them. also it's just that warm feeling all families get when we get together to catch up and get ready for christmas.

the thanksgiving dinner is special for me.  i like to cook, i like to get the family together, i like how everyone turn into slugs after gorging ourselves and go to the movies or watch football.  

when i've done the dinner by myself, i've prepped weeks before with the decor (dinner table place settings, cards, cloves candles, table cloth i sewed, anything i could make in the shape of a turkey) because my schedule is so unpredictable and i have this idea of what i want the table to look like when that day comes.  here are some free "thankful" tags to print if you are into that that a designer made.
(sidenote: i've only prepared thanksgiving twice by myself so i'm no martha stewart in anyway)

here are some pretty decor ideas i wanted to share to get ya'll pumped for thanksgiving:

i loved that melted wax turkey logo she made and branded on things.
for more ideas about this style, go here to see the rest of her pictures and recipes.

i get jackson this thanksgiving!  i'm really excited about it.  i even have four days off so i want to go to big bear or do something special with him.  oh, the possibilities.

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Amanda Parker at Shindig said...

Thanks so much for the feature on my Thanksgiving table. I love Thanksgiving, too! Family, gratitude and lots of dessert! What could be better??

Have a wonderful day!
Amanda Parker
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