once bowled a 199

...but not this night.
for family night last week, we went out with our friends the randalls to a bowling alley 
by their house for a good game with the kids.

 both jacks were fun watching as the would try to hold the ball, then have to let it roll.  

i really like getting our boys together.  they play well and can play hard together.  my jack asks about the randall's jack constantly after they play.  
it's fun to have chocolate and vanilla jack back living so-so close together again.

clara is my little bud.  she was being so funny with the air vent.  she would stick her face right in it and close her eyes.  mccall kept asking her if she wanted to take her turn, but she was preoccupied. 
i love this little girl.

jackson's boxers sticking out, his right sock tucking in his right pant, bowling with his left hand, bumpers... bowling can't get any sweeter.

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