jackers update yo

this jack update, i am grateful for this current daylight savings time.  i woke up way before he did on sunday and was able to get so much done.  PLUS, i didn't have to change my car's clock.  it's been since last daylight savings time that i changed it and i couldn't figure out how to take an hour back so everyday i've had to subtract an hour to know what time it was.  i feel like this is my catch up time as a mom.

we have been reading a book together called ballyhoo bay by judy sierra.  it's just a story about an artist that teaches painting and sculptures to old people and children on the beach.  the first time i started reading it, i read all the words without thinking it was bilingual.  the first sentence i read in spanish, jack just couldn't stop laughing.  it became contagious that i started laughing realizing my voice changed to cater to this spanish sentence.  every night he asks me to read "the funny book" and we read the entire book in english and spanish and laugh until it hurts.

we are digging kung fu.  kung fu panda, the karate kid with will smith's kid, pretending to kung fu pillows, sitting at sushi and he tells the server to kung fu, we kung fu each other.  totally normal.  he wants me to sign him up for it.  isn't tae kwon do the more usual? kung fu goes for the neck.  i wonder when this phase is over.

we play the blink game.  it's basically the stare game but our version which means we stare at each other, try not to blink but when we do, it's okay!  oh, and the rules change all the time.  we play over and over until one of us tap out.  his favorite time to play this is in the grocery store in canned food section.  

jack and his friend james having a playdate with their snails and house decor

the other morning (6:15am) he woke up as i was getting ready and said, "mom, i need a haircut." i told him i would.  he continued saying, "no like right now because isn't that what you do all day to everyone else?"

today he looked at me and said, "mom, why are you just so cute?"...  he is so my son.  i need to find a new word for him to parrot.  

whoever thought to be a parent you have to be able to draw?  jack asks me to draw him a shark or fish almost every night before bed.  he says they look like dolphins.

i'm so grateful for this little man.
he's the apple of my eye.

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likeschocolate said...

We love the movie Hook. Be grateful that he ask you to do his hair because someday he will want to grow his hair long.


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