doctors visit

 jackson had to visit the pediatrician last week.  he looked forward to it the week previous.  the morning of we talked about what the doctor would do, how he was my doctor when i was a baby, how he was his doctor when he was a day old before we moved to san francisco and all that fun stuff that he now understands.  i slightly mentioned a shot or two to prep him.

the nurse took his vitals, measured him, did a hearing test, checked his eyes, weighed him, asked me loads of questions and then the needles came out.

that butterfly needle was no big deal to him.  they took enough blood to figure out his food allergies ... sensitive to milk and allergic to wheat is the result.

then flu shot time.  i pinned him down on the bed.  the nurse lodged it up one nostril and he managed to push it out with a question, "why did you do that to me?!" then she did it to the other with a struggle.

he began to scream the second he saw the needles on her tray.  i tried my best to distract him and keep his eyes on me but not sure how well that worked.  i have never heard him cry so hard as she put so many vaccinations in his little legs.  i carried him out of the office like a baby while he continued to cry and bury his face in my chest whilst rubbing his left thigh.  i felt so badly for him.  i have very faint memories of how much those four-year-old shots hurt.  we had big plans to go to sea world to see their halloween decorations that day but instead i rented his favorite movies while we stayed inside hanging out.

glad he isn't due for shots for another year.
i hate seeing him in pain.

3 lovely notes:

The Gourmet Traveller said...

You are such a sweet mum!

meredith conroy said...

this is so tender. i love that lil guy.

jaybs said...

Hi Melissa! I felt the pain for poor Jackson just reading your Blog, but most important is that it is all over now and that Jack is Protected! his smile really cracks me up.
John xx


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