the friday before thanksgiving links

i apologize for my lack of posting.  i have been more than my usual busy lately.  i'll skip the nitty gritty details and give ya some links.

jackson has been coming home from preschool with the cutest props he's been making at preschool.  here is something you can make with your kids for the kid's table for thanksgiving.

i think i will wear my hair like this for thanksgiving dinner.

if you like music, you will appreciate these limited editions

many might disagree with me, but i am digging these stairs. 

my good 'ole friend kayleen from arizona has gotten so good at photography.  she is doing a picture a day.  

getting your christmas lists ready? i am getting my yeah right, i wish list ready. these are on it.

did you know why most guys are growing a mustache out this month? movember. i love. it.

do it yourself snowflakes from free people... they are almost worthy to keep up past the holidays.

maybe i've directed you to this site for weddings, but i really like the most recent post of the wedding she did.  it's incredible.

these stay-at-home moms had some fun in san francisco and renewed my love for this city through their pictures.

want to learn how to make your heals sparkle? my friend gives you a tutorial. 

the military look is in with fashion as we know it.

not sure whether i am attracted to the chair or the guy in this chair more. i'll take either or.

autumn de wilde has some of my favorite artists she has photographed.

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