our weekend in

this weekend i had jackson.  it is so much fun getting voicemails from him during the day of him leaving me long, rambling messages about his day, what he ate, what he said to his friends at preschool, what he wants to do when i get home from school or the salon and how much he misses me.  it makes me want to get home as soon as possible.  

earlier this week, i have been feeling sick, so we decided to be pretty mellow.  friday night we went around town for a bit, bought a large box of foam robot stickers and made a fun mess of them all over the floor.  jack and i then made a fort and watched the grinch. 

some friends came over earlier and fat-boothed jack.  i call it, "jack if childhood obesity was the fad."

saturday night he wanted to go to bed early so we grabbed take out to share, read books and he told me his eyes were hot so he wanted to close them.  we both fell asleep at 8:30pm.  socially acceptable or not, this week has been bu-sy.

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Claire Kiefer said...

awwww . . . his eyes were hot! That is so sweet.


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