i liked it.
it was a great, great year.
i am really happy writing this, so i apologize for the cheese you might get on the side...

i saw a lot of changes happen within jackson's personality and his comprehension on life. i loved watching him become a little toddler to a little boy who i can have real conversations with.  i have spent so much quality one-on-one time with him and am so happy we have.  one conversation i had with him this year that i will never forget is when we were talking about his day, i'm scratching his little arm and he tells me, "mom, i like myself. i'm okay when you aren't around because i miss you, but i like being with myself too. i'm kind of cool." i knew right then, he has matured to a boy who is grabbing life with both hands that no longer have baby chub on them.

i have also noticed a lot of growth in myself. i have become more prepared in my careers, building a stronger business to support my little family, i feel healthy, i am really happy, so busy yet just really content with how this what coulda-shoulda-woulda been a complicated path has led me to a simple, more even stride.  i feel lucky for the people that have been placed in my life.  my amazing family,  friends that are so good to me and others that seem to just make sense.

i have some new years resolutions:
1. volunteer more
2. be more grateful
3. complain less to none
4. be more prepared
5. be more empathetic
6. listen better
7. take more chances (see pictures below)
i started 2011 with going snowboarding with my friend. i was super excited to go...
i am wearing long underwear, two pairs of tights, yoga pants and leggings, long socks, knee-high socks, 3 pairs of reg. socks, four shirts, this sweater, two scarves, and a hat... so far. that's how cold i was before i went outside...
 goal 7a. get a bum. seriously.  i have such a holland bum (or lack thereof)
alright enough of the self portraits. i was really stoked to play outside.

8. stay off diet coke
9. do my own taxes
10. fall in love.

betcha didn't see that last one coming. i know, me neither. 
i can finally admit i'm moving on with this stage. i'm super happy, content with how things have been going, prepared, settled and ready to get on.
the thought of marriage still puts my stomach in knots, but finding some good love,
the kind everyone gets twitterpatted over; would be delightful.

2010 i dated some nice guys but the kind i wanted to watch
the movie "how to loose a guy in 10 days" and fall asleep before the ending.
it's a weird goal but i'm motivated by goals so i think it's one my family would appreciate me to keep.
we'll see what this year will bring but i'm excited about this clean slate,
new beginnings and fun that is to be had.  

3 lovely notes:

Claire Kiefer said...

This post is so sweet and happy, I love your new layout/background, and you are so pretty!

Autumn Fauver said...

I love this post! I hope all your goals are met this year! Make it a wonderful year girl!

Rachel said...

What a great list. LOVE it! :)


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