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thinking about going private. i keep going back and forth, thinking it's been fine being public. the more and more open i've been has pulled me closer to my sister's similar decisions to go private as well.  

i remember starting a blog when i moved to arizona to keep my california family/friends and college friends updated, then continued it as i met lots of people from england, then when we moved to san francisco, i felt like it was the best way to answer everyone's questions of what we were up to.  now that so many changes have happened and life is busier than ever, this is the best and most simple option.  i am using this more as a journal so my thoughts sometimes make me feel naked when finished.  i'd rather be comfortable and share it with those who know us well and want to keep up.  i will still keep my yoga/health and hair blogs open.

you probably know what to do... if you have a hankering to keep up, send me your name por favor, email.

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Malia said...

Melissa, did you live in England? We are moving to Cambridge, England, at the end of this year.

I hope the best to you on being private! We went private last fall...i miss having it open, but I also like knowing people I don't know are reading it.

If you have any extra invites, no pressure though, I'd love to be added.

m.estelle said...

you don't know me. i've just been following since elise did out wedding photos.
i would love to keep reading about you and your jack!


Michelle Michel said...

love reading ur blog. It's so refreshing!


michelle said...


{cause I think you are sweet.}

Skye said...

i know i don't really know you other than following your blog and sharing comments back and forth in the blog world, but if you have room for me i'd love to tag along. your stories make me smile and i can't really imagine not reading them.


meeshw said...


*I love reading about you and Jack...always wishing you the best.
But I also realize if you have too many people wanting to read than no worries! :)

Mandy said...

I love your style and stumbled on your blog thru your sister's photography (I never win her giveaways, boo). I would love to follow if you have room!

alexis said...

In case my email went to junk mail-

love your blog and style!


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