date night with my boo

the other night jackson and i went on a date. 
lots of hand holding, talking about everything, witty comments, squeezing the hand three times, kisses and such.

we first had to return some things at the mall.
of course the train table fished him in.

pottery barn...
they had this tool set that was so cool. he played with it for fifteen minutes.

then we got hungry, so we had some dinner at nordstrom cafe.
the lady at the counter loved jack and hooked 'a brotha up with lots of fruit and cookies.

we stopped by a few more stores and then tried to make a movie but it was too late.
so we thought our plan B sounded like fun...

you know when kids mix like every flavor of soda? 
well this one decided to mix his tarts with chocolates...
took one bite and couldn't bare the thought of taking another.
{pictures by jack}
 the suns were playing
so we watched jack's favorite team for a bit.
he is always such a great date.

i look forward to our next date...
tuesday night to the movies!
xo xo xo

2 lovely notes:

likeschocolate said...

looks like you had a lot of fun!

Traveller said...

You guys are adorable!


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