jackson's prayers these days...

a smidgen of jack's prayer tonight:
{i recorded it since i finally figured out how to use the voice recorder on my phone}

thank you for this night,
thank you for my momma and thank you for my daddy,
thank you for micah and that we sawed him,
thank you for the choo choo train my friend Will left at my house,
thank you for pets,
thank you for people not wanting to be like satan because when they do, they are mean and throw rocks at other people,
thank you for my toys on the ceiling still,
thank you for the white people letting the black people sit on the bus, {picture below}
thank you for my light up shoes,
thank you for the scriptures,
thank you for my mom's phone charging up fast so i can play with it,
thank you for this morning so i could take a bath,
uhhh ummm,
thank you also for my mommy taking me to get ice cream sometimes,
thank you for bones,
thank you for my heart being in my head,
thank you for jesus making this earth,
thank you for my baby brother isaac in heaven,
thank you for healthy food to make me grow tall like uncle mitch,
thank you for today...

{when he came home from preschool, he is always excited to show me what he painted or crafted. he handed this one to me + he told me all about how white people use to be mean to black people and didn't let them do things. he talked about martin luther king, jr. and how he freed the black people. he then carried onto having me touch the paint of his hands and said we need to always be nice to the black people.}
so, i'm thinking he learned something new today! :)  

i love being a mom. these are such cute 
moments i never want to forget.

4 lovely notes:

Miss B. said...

Oh melis! this is hysterical. I'm dying here!--Brittany

Rad Rachel said...

That's the cutest little prayer I've ever heard. We can learn so much from their heartfelt specific prayers. So SO CUTE!

Liese said...

This just made my day! What a gem!

Daile Wilson said...

I have always love to hear how kids say their prayers, its the cutest thing ever! My youngest sib would always say "thank you for the bathtub!" every night. haha love it!


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