i feel like this blog might turn into a journal... we'll see.  i'm becoming more and more private as i grow in age but forget so much quicker the cute, fun, sweet, lovey details i like to look back on when i need them.  i've been a journal writer since 4. i remember writing things in my journals with my little pony and a lock saying things like, "i like the beach."  or "i like sandy eggo" or "i want a dog but my mom said they smell."

this one has me smitten. it's from Q+A.  it asks you questions at the top of the page.  kind of like your college english classes where the teacher gives you a topic and 15 minutes to free hand write anything on your mind... ya, sorta like that.  i want one! so fun right?  i still write in jack's little journal he has had since he was growing in my stomach but as i'm trying to bring simpleness back into my life and fast things out, i think this would fit perfectly in this docket.

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