f r i d a y

{defrosting kaleidoscope picture up in sundance by nate}

is it really friday? i woke up thinking it was thursday. nope. this weekend is going to be great. jackson and i are going on a date tonight, sailing tomorrow, then hopefully camping if it isn't too cold.  hope everyone has a good one!

some of those links on fridays i try to do:
+ i really like this photostream. maybe because i miss the snow, but i love her take on the winter.
+ unemployment rate falls! great article.
+ six baby showers just this month. hmmmm let's just talk about this crib for a sec? i'd crave sushi every time i'd get the babe + i love it.
+ this nail polish color phases me. i wear it often and my elderly clients have a hay day.
+ my friend from arizona has a new company of modest dresses.  pretty cute!
+ this boutique LUSH is so worth five minutes. i'm not an accessory girl but this makes me want some of them.
+ a workshop about muffin making? jackson and i would be there in a heartbeat. 
+ the little factory is a design website that has the raddest blankets! ...and such.
+ my friends are in this commercial for doritos.  hopefully you can vote! 
+ these backpacks... i want to get one for all my best friends. ha :)

1 lovely notes:

Rachel said...

I wear that nail polish color on my toes! Even though it's cold out and no one knows i'm wearing it, it still makes me smile knowing I'm all dressed up, but wearing such a silly nail polish color on my toes! :)


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