veggies and bird houses

eric invited us over for dinner.  he made this amazing gluten-free dinner & even cucumber cupcakes for the kids.  i am still thinking about it and want the leftovers.

after we made gf and dairy free brownies and devoured most of the batch.  
they were the bee's knees.

after, scout and jack and i painted + decorated the birdhouses i brought while eric did the dishes. 
i know... totally felt spoiled. 

while they dried, we painted on the canvases.

scout- rapunzel 
jack- stripes

3 lovely notes:

Elise said...

hi- my email when you go private (good choice). you'll love it because it's like your own little secret that you let some people in on.


miss you sis

Jeremy!Jeremy!Jeremy! said...

Looks like I was beat to the punch. My offer still stands!

The Townsend Family said...

Don't you love those homes in old town? What I DON'T love is that you were 5 seconds from me up here and we didn't see you!!! Need to plan a play date momma - REALLY need my little girl to fall in love with your CUTIE PIE Jack. Totally dig those red Vans too. xoxo


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