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soo excited to have a holiday weekend.
just dropped my best buddy off to spend time with his dad.
three days without that little guy. he was super cute right before i dropped him off... we got our favorite oatmeal at starbucks and he told me stories about how he loves growing tall and wants to be spiderman.
ahhhh i love him so much.

its going to be busy this weekend.... with a sleepover with my youth from church reading all night, at a new salon on saturday, big fashion show at a laguna beach hotel, and then san francisco to pick him up! 
really excited to be there. 

alright enough of my cheeseballness... here are some quick links:
martin luther king jr. quotes. such a great part of our country's history and an amazing man.

the best i've seen of south africa, all recorded from one of my favorite couples.

kind of just spent five minutes looking at this online port for port. inspirational.

if you are feeling like giving or helping, kaiizen opened more places to serve and help. my favorite organization for worldwide orphanages.

such a good article in the o c register about a girl who has celiac (gluten free)

this line of clothing is so interesting.

recycle. reduce. reuse.... this wall is incredible!!

have a great weekend!
xx mel

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likeschocolate said...

Mel, when you have time check out my latest post for gluten free peanut butter cookies. Delish! Have a great weekend.


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