december festivities

after my re-organizing of toys, throwing away toys, putting batteries in toys, figuring out how to not loose/break/charge these toys, i am ready to talk about the holidays.  

a lot of these pictures are not from me. why would they be. 
i would put goldfish on the fact that this blog would be much better if i got my canon fixed and there were two more hours in the day/more interesting things to talk about.
nonetheless... i digress...

the week before jackson left was full of christmas parties, getting over a cold, doing our 12-days of christmas, soaking up every second with jackson and spending time with my family in town. dropping him off knowing he would be gone for so many days tore me up. it always does. christmas is the hardest. especially at this age.  i remember driving to arizona when he was only one, dropping him off on christmas day.  sharing jackson on holidays, especially many miles apart is never easy.
{all nice looking pictures by my sister elise}

here we are just about to leave for arizona:

at the hotel, we left a note for our friend their and then met with some nutcrackers...

christmas eve was spent with my close family. we sat around the front room and had drew lead some christmas songs and mitch read from Luke. we held asher, played with the babies and had the kids open presents. 

christmas day was so fun. we opened each gift one by one. loved watching the kids get excited over their big gifts.  we got the wii fit. we felt old and fat after doing it. the devines came over for dinner. we played so many games. so many games. so much diet coke was drunk.

the next few days were so busy and hectic but then once the flights that were not canceled or delayed worked, it was so nice.  sleeping eight full hours, go to lunch and dinners with friends, have a french manicure since i didn't have to shampoo one head, doing homework in bed, read a book that didn't have to tell me about the human body or a new business strategy, and just got things organized. i didn't take any pictures but nate did of us on top of negative eight degrees on sundance! so so so so so so cold.

holidays are over... what now?
oh right right. valentines' day. target is already ready.
so fun. i like this one coming up.

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Brynn said...

I am pumped for Valentine's Day too :) And cute post.


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